Group Blog Analysis


The group blog exercise was great fun, but quite a lot more work than I first anticipated. I loved working with the girls, bouncing ideas back and forth. I found working in a team gave the blog such momentum and I enjoyed reading the other girls’ pieces as well as writing my own.

I was the sub-editor for the group. Most days I posted a message from the team, stating the problem for the day and how we intended to solve it. I also edited all the posts. Editing the posts was quite a big job as I wanted to make sure that I caught all the typos and spelling mistakes, but I didn’t want to affect the author’s voice. It was really interesting to read all the posts in such detail. I’m glad this was my role as I don’t think I would have read every post otherwise and then I would have definitely missed out on some great pieces of work.

Coming up with ideas for the content of my posts was tricky at times, I wanted to make them as light-hearted and funny as I could while also giving the best advice and ideas. I really enjoyed doing the recipes and it was great to get comments on those posts.

I tweeted most days from my personal twitter account and I tried to update the group on Facebook as often as I could. Maybe we could have done more on the social media side of things and found more readers, having said that I think we did OK on that side of things.

Maybe in the future - image from

Overall I was really proud of what we achieved – I think that the blog looks clean and attractive, the layout makes it easy to find what you want. Viktoria did a great job on making the blog look good and she really kept us up to date with the social media side of things.

I don’t really think there’s much I would have changed about my group or the blog. However maybe next time I would have liked to have a clearer idea of what everybody would be doing, as at times the work load seemed to be a little lopsided.