My thoughts on Google News and Google Reader


I found Google Reader to be a great tool for sourcing information and keeping on top of what’s happening in the world. I really like the way you can pick and choose what you want to include. This site makes keeping up with my fav online content quick and easy. However it can sometimes be overwhelming to be faced with thousands of unread items.

That aside, I really liked using Reader instead of visiting loads of different websites. Recently I worked on a project about the use of social networks in the recent Arab uprising – I added a load of live-blogs and news agencies to my Google Reader and I was able to access specific information quickly and efficiently.


To be honest I much prefer using Google News than Google Reader. The layout is much neater and less daunting. I really like the way you can prioritise what kind of news you get at the top of the page (and I love that it makes you see the serious stuff first).

Since I started using Google News I don’t that I’m missing anything. The site makes viewing current events manageable and fast. You can browse the headlines and get up to date on the days happenings in a matter of seconds.

It’s great that you can be really specific about what you want to see. I have Cardiff as one of my first entries as it is my home city. All I have to do is browse that little section and I can get all the news I want from my home town.


Interesting News Site that I’ve just found!

I’ve just found a cool new site called Indy Media and added it to my RSS feed to my google reader page.

There is a really interesting short article about squatters taking over Gaddafi’s sons house in London.

There are plenty of other interesting things to browse on there too.

The layout isn’t great, it’s quite simple and uninspiring.

However, it’s a great alternative source for less mainstream news stories: “A network of individuals, independent and alternative media activists and organisations, offering grassroots, non-corporate, non-commercial coverage of important social and political issues.”

RSS, google reader, delicious and other things that used to make no sense to me….

I am by no means a computer geek. I have trouble understanding how to use the simplest of software.

However, over the past few weeks I have been trying hard to follow in my Multimedia journalism class and figure out how to use all this online material to help me become a better journalist.

‘Delicious’ is a great site. You can post links that interest you. You can follow along with certain genres of post by subscribing to a tag. You can follow people who post interesting links. My site doesn’t have many bookmarks yet but check it out if you like….

Jim has taught us all about ‘google reader’ now. It’s basically a way of collecting all the news and posts that interest you in one place. It works a bit like an email account, you just log on and then browse the net finding RSS feeds that you think will be useful to you. These feeds then appear (updated automatically) in your ‘reader’.

And, for those of you (like me last week) who have no idea what RSS feeds are, I will explain it as I understand it (in the context of google reader). Sorry if I am totally wrong.

That little orange symbol on the right is the symbol for RSS feeds. When you click on that (they are on most websites) you will go through to a simplified version of the page you were on before. You can then copy the URL into your new google reader account and that feed will then always feature when you log in.