Group Blog

So we have decided upon the subject of our group blog: Student Lifestyle

The group consists of Tatiana, Emma, Emily, Victoria and Me!

Everyday we will think of a problem or issue that the average student may have and we will attempt to solve the problem by writing about places to visit, ways to save cash, cook tasty food and look great!

It will basically be a magazine for students, I suppose mainly female students, but it won’t be very girly and I’m sure that we will get lots of male readers.

Our content will concentrate on 4 key areas: Food – Travel – Lifestyle – Fashion/Beauty and there will be a comment section as well.

Everyday we will post a message from the team, introducing the problem to be solved that day and commenting on any current affairs that will be affecting students.

To complete the assignment we must run live for 2 weeks. I am really excited about the prospect of running an independent online magazine by ourselves, I just know it’s going to be a lot of fun.

There aren’t many similar blogs running at the moment (that I can find anyway) so I hope that this fairly original idea may catch on. The only one we have found that resembles our blog is an American site called Her Campus. Looking at this blog has helped us find some good ideas about how to structure ours and what content to produce.

Now all we have to do is think of a name……..


Review of Online Journalism Blog

The Online Journalism Blog is a great source of information and a fantastic tool for all journalists – from the student to the expert.

I have to say that the site is not especially pleasing to the eye and it isn’t the most usable blog in the world. The

Image from

layout is a bit all-over-the-place, which can make it hard to find what you want sometimes. These superficial facts aside, once you get the hang of the design, the site is fairly easy to manoeuvre.

For me, content is much more important than how something looks, but I know this isn’t the case for everyone. I’m sure there are other, more attractive-looking, online resources/blogs for journalists, but I urge you (if journalism interests you) to have a read of a few pieces from this blog.

One good thing about the design is that it doesn’t force whole articles on you. For each post a short section from the beginning is shown, if you enjoy what you read you can choose to click through and read the rest, if not you can move on. Making it very easy to scan for little snippets from each piece, this is great if you’re looking for something very specific or if you just want a quick scroll.

Image from

The range of topics is huge – from teaching ideas and tips on improving skills to news updates and job opportunities. There are some particularly good posts on multimedia journalism and data-reading skills.

These are some of my favourite posts: Should you ‘brand’ a hashtag? and All the news that’s fit to scrape

I hope you have a read and find something that helps/interests you.

Hadley Freeman….a blog to return to….

Hadley Freeman - 'headshot'I used to have to wait for the G2 (supplement in the guardian) for my daily dose of Lost In Showbiz, and more importantly to get Hadley Freeman’s normally hilarious views on the ordinary events of the day. However, a few months ago I discovered that on the Guardian website I can arrange to view pieces by author. Hadley’s live blog on the Golden Globes is fantastically funny. For those of us not able to watch, or not willing to sit through the hours of guaranteed award show boredom, she presents a witty and brief description of the nominees, winners and commentary highlights.

The flow of a live blog is always interesting, but not many people manage to pull it off as well Freeman does. I am by no means an avid blog reader but for some reason I am drawn towards praising this blog above all others.

The style of coverage began by displaying the awards one by one, listing the nominated actors/films and giving us an idea of the probable winner and the most deserving winner in Hadley’s eyes.

As we come to the live element of the blog Freeman settles into her fashion comfort zone, briefly mentioning the best dressed. Giving us a few anecdotes about those reporting from the red carpet breaks up the fashion stuff so that it doesn’t get too intense.

We are then given timed updates of the most important parts of the show, coupled with short quotes from Ricky Gervais’ risky commentating.

As we get towards the end of the night (at least in blog land, I chose to read the next day instead of live) I feel thankful that Hadley spared me from spending 3/4 hours watching the show. Her summary was far more entertaining, with that familiar voice (that I know and love) and different points of view make for a much more interesting way of discovering the gossip from the Golden Globes.

Bring on the Oscars!!