Online Journalism – What I’ve Learned

I have found the multimedia journalism module really interesting, it has opened my eyes to the power of online journalism. I was worried at first that I might not find it so interesting, but I have really learned a lot – now I can’t stop checking Twitter and updating my Google News.

I can’t believe how many column inches are dominated by twitter related content. I never realised before starting this module, but now I read a magazine or a newspaper and see quotes direct from a tweet or whole pages dedicated to twitter news.

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Blogging was something I had tried before university but before I didn’t know quite how important blogs can be. Authors of well-read blogs have as much influence (maybe more) as professional journalists and social commentators. I have researched live-blogging recently, and I came to understand how important it will be to be able to blog effectively in any future career I may have in journalism.

The recent Arab uprisings proves that social media and online journalism are extremely important in the modern world: journalists used Youtube and Facebook to smuggle content out of strictly regulated countries; dissidents used social networks to rally crowds, pass information and share ideas. Videos uploaded onto Facebook and Youtube made their way onto our TV screens and the fanpages and blogs of those suffering in the Middle East drummed up world-wide support for the cause.


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