Audio and Video Work Analysis


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When I first started this Journalism course I was convinced that I wanted to work in print media and nothing else. However, when I got my first taste of venturing into the world with a video camera I became hooked.

I absolutely loved doing the video project. I found using the computer software tricky at first, but having edited my film I feel more confident.

My film was about unemployment in the UK, specifically youth unemployment. I got the idea from headlines at the time – it was shortly after those shocking unemployment figures emerged.

My strategy was to get interviews with as many people as possible who had had experience of being unemployed or were currently claiming unemployment benefits. This was not as easy as I had first hoped! I don’t know many people who are unemployed and of the ones I did know, most were not prepared to speak on camera. I had not realised before quite how sensitive an issue it is.

Eventually I convinced Salem (a family friend) to talk about his experiences of unemployment and the benefits system. He gave a fantastic interview, with plenty of interesting detail.

Next I went to my local job centre and stood outside asking people to talk to me about their lives. Some were reluctant but in the end I managed to get enough footage and I was happy with what I had.

I finished recording my piece to camera and voice-overs, then I began the editing process. As I said before, I found the software difficult to get my head around at first, but finally I think I cracked it and I produced something that I am quite proud of – for a first attempt!

Looking back at the video now there are some things that I would change. For example there are a few parts where the editing isn’t seamless and I would have (in hindsight) asked more probing questions to the people at the job centre, but I know for next time what I would like to improve.


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I was as captivated by working with the audio equipment as I was with my camera. I came up with the idea that I would interview my friend from home for the first part of the task. She is a 22 year old single mother, the interview went really well and I was very happy with the quality of the recording. One particularly nice aspect is that you can hear her baby daughter making little noises in the background as my friend describes life as a single mum.

For the podcast part of the assignment I decided that it would be interesting to ask people about their earliest childhood memories and then put them all together. I recorded the memories of a range of people – from an elderly lady to young university students. I put the memories together over a recording of a friend playing the piano.

I found the audio software much easier to use and quickly got the hang of it and I was very pleased with the outcome. Looking back at the assignment I don’t think I would have changed a lot, but I would have liked to have more than 2 minutes for the interview – there was so much more good material that I would love to have used.


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