A quick look at the guardian’s video page.

I love the guardian’s website. It is my go-to site for news, gossip and comment. However I have never spent much time looking at the videos available on the site, unless they happen to be featured in the story I am reading.

Today I started investigating the video section and I found some really interesting stuff.

The layout of the page is easy to use and pretty pleasing to the eye. I quickly found videos that were of interest to me, there are plenty to choose from. One thing I did like a lot was the fact that when you have watched one video there are lots of links available to find out more about that subject if you liked the video.

There are loads of videos about current affairs (ie. the oscars and libya), not that all of these things aren’t fascinating but I have spent much of the last few weeks reading about the middle east, and to be honest the oscars aren’t really of that much interest to me.

Then I found a video on “churnalism” . It is absolutely hillarious and if you have 5 minutes to spare you should definitely watch it.

Made by the people who set up churnalism.com it is a quick look at the influence PR has on mainstream journalism.

Chris Atkins is an investigative journalist who has recently started doing content for the guardian. He is well-known for the film “Starsuckers” and if you like knowing about faults within our media system or if you just fancy a laugh you should have a quick look at all this stuff!


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