Unemployment in the UK – A short film

This is my video assignment.

Making the video was very interesting. I went into the project with a stereotypical idea of the kind of people that claim benefits. I found out that this idea was totally wrong.

Most of the people I met at the job centre were educated, polite and interesting, these people did not seem like they would have any trouble finding jobs.

The economic situation in the UK has created a terrible situation for the youth of today. People leaving university and college have a lot of trouble finding work.

The question I began to ask myself was; where does the responsibility for this lie?

The government are supposed to care for those who find it hard to work, whatever the reason. However, many people that I spoke to said that the money they recieved from the government would not cover their outgoings, these people will have to spend their savings and struggle, mostly through no fault of their own.

Businesses have a responsiblity to young people. Apprenticeships and work placements should be given more freely to those leaving education. People in positions of power within the world of business should be doing everything they can to create a better world for our youth!

I would like to say thank you to everyone who appeared in this film, and everyone who has helped me in the editing process!


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