Hadley Freeman….a blog to return to….

Hadley Freeman - 'headshot'I used to have to wait for the G2 (supplement in the guardian) for my daily dose of Lost In Showbiz, and more importantly to get Hadley Freeman’s normally hilarious views on the ordinary events of the day. However, a few months ago I discovered that on the Guardian website I can arrange to view pieces by author. Hadley’s live blog on the Golden Globes is fantastically funny. For those of us not able to watch, or not willing to sit through the hours of guaranteed award show boredom, she presents a witty and brief description of the nominees, winners and commentary highlights.

The flow of a live blog is always interesting, but not many people manage to pull it off as well Freeman does. I am by no means an avid blog reader but for some reason I am drawn towards praising this blog above all others.

The style of coverage began by displaying the awards one by one, listing the nominated actors/films and giving us an idea of the probable winner and the most deserving winner in Hadley’s eyes.

As we come to the live element of the blog Freeman settles into her fashion comfort zone, briefly mentioning the best dressed. Giving us a few anecdotes about those reporting from the red carpet breaks up the fashion stuff so that it doesn’t get too intense.

We are then given timed updates of the most important parts of the show, coupled with short quotes from Ricky Gervais’ risky commentating.

As we get towards the end of the night (at least in blog land, I chose to read the next day instead of live) I feel thankful that Hadley spared me from spending 3/4 hours watching the show. Her summary was far more entertaining, with that familiar voice (that I know and love) and different points of view make for a much more interesting way of discovering the gossip from the Golden Globes.

Bring on the Oscars!!


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