New national paper for a new generation….

The first new daily national for 24 years has been launched in the UK. This is big news for the newspaper industry whose circulation figures are steadily falling for broadsheets and tabloids alike.

Sharing the editing team of the Independent, the i has been described as ‘the Indy light’.

The Guardian‘s headline read

i lives up to its name – it’s a digest of its big brother, like an upmarket Metro

It pledges to “combine intelligence with brevity and depth with speed of reading”, with just 56 pages.

“It’s a red-letter day! i is all you need” boasts the front page of today’s i. This statement leaves many wondering about the importance of The Indy itself.

There is much debate amongst journalists as to whether there is actually a market for the new paper or whether it is just a last ditch attempt by the Russian owner, Alexander Lebedev, to make much-needed income.

BBC News Online give some facts about the decline of Indy readers:

Sales of the Independent, which costs £1, have fallen to around 183,000 a day from about 250,000 three years ago. The title was founded in 1986.

Roy Greenslade’s opinion is that,

I would be surprised if it can locate that mysterious young audience that, for a variety of reasons – mainly cultural and technological – have turned their backs on print.


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